Education Practicums

Education practicum placements are essential experiences in teacher preparation, while internships are an excellent opportunity to jump start your career!

They provide opportunities to work with PK-12 students and learn from teachers across multiple disciplines. All practicum and internship placements are assigned and confirmed through the CEHHS Field Placement Office.

Education Practicums

Practicums are a required part of the curriculum for all students pursuing teacher certification as well as other education majors such as Children & Families. These are typically 1 credit hour and must be taken concurrently with a methods course. Other field experiences may be shorter and built into the 3 credits of a lecture course. The following are 45-hour practicum experiences required of all majors/minors; also check out the Field Placement Handbook for a complete list:

Elementary 1-Cr Hour Practicums Include:

  • EDC 240/241- Psychology of Child Development
  • EDD 406/410- Strategies in Early Childhood (Early Childhood majors only)
  • EDD 467/471- Reading Instruction: Models and Methods
  • EDD 491/495- Social Studies in Elementary Grades

Secondary 1-Cr Hour Practicums Include:

  • EDC 302/304- Adolescent Development and Classroom Management
  • EDD 4xx/4xx- Methods Course in Content Area (course number depends on major and/or minor)

In order to be prepared for these practicums, students must have the proper clearances on file in their MBox including the Criminal Background Check form, Bloodbourne Pathogens training, and the Video Recording Consent form. More information on these clearances and how to upload documents to your MBox can be found below. 

Education Internships

Some Education majors require internships while it is optional in others. Please check with your advisor if you need assistance identifying the correct course.

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Early Childhood, Elementary Certification: 
    • EDD 411/412- Directed Teaching in Early Childhood (required)
    • Pre-requisite- EDD 406/410- Strategies in Early Childhood
  • Children & Families:
    • Social Agency Concentration, EDD 418- Children and Families Internship (required)
    • Child Studies Concentration, EDD 411/412- Directed Teaching in Early Childhood (required)
      • Pre-requisite- EDD 406/410- Strategies in Early Childhood
  • Instructional Technology
    • EDT 462- Instructional Technology Internship (optional)
    • Can be taken 2 times for up to 6 credits
    • Pre-requisites- EDT 211, EDT 402, EDT 410, EDT 414, and EDT 420

Graduate Programs:

  • Early Childhood Education
    • Early Childhood Endorsement Concentration, EDD 594- Early Childhood Education Internship (required)
      • Pre-requisite- EDD 536- Grad Seminar in Early Childhood Education
    • Special Education Inclusion Concentration, EDD 650- Internship ECSE (required)
      • Pre-requisites- EDC 645- Transdisciplinary Approach: Assessment/Collaboration and EDD 546- Intervention Strategies in EC
    • Administration and Leadership Concentration, EDD 537- Administrative Intern in EC (required)
      • Pre-requisite- EDD 536- Grad Seminar in Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Leadership
    • EDB 720-Educational Administration Internship (required)
    • Must be taken 2 times for up to 6 credits (Beginning in the Fall semester for 3 credits and extending through the Winter semester for an additional 3 credits)
  • Education Specialist Program
    • Educational Leadership Concentration, EDB 721/724- Central Office Administration Internship (required)
  • Educational Technology
    • EDT 562- Educational Technology Internship (optional)
    • Can be taken 2 times for up to 6 credits
  • Special Education
    • Learning Disabilities Concentration
      • EDN 508- Internship Seminar (must be taken concurrently with first internship)
      • EDD 513- Elementary Internship
      • EDD 515- Secondary Internship
      • Pre-requisites- EDC 501, EDN 501, EDN 503, EDN 504
    • Emotional Impairments Concentration
      • EDN 522- Emotional Impairments Internship
      • Pre-requisites- EDN 520, EDN 523, EDN 525, EDN 526

In order to prepare for your internship, you must complete a CEHHS Internship Application by the posted deadline:

  • Fall Internships- July 15
  • Winter Internships- October 15
  • Summer Internships- March 15

Overrides for registration will be processed upon receipt of the application. The Field Placement Office will contact students to discuss placement options.


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