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Student teaching is the culminating experience in one's teacher preparation that provides scaffolded opportunities under the guidance of a cooperating teacher and university supervisor, leading to teacher certification.

In order to be eligible to student teach, please work with your academic advisors and Field Placement Office personnel to navigate the pathway to student teaching.

Pathway to Student Teaching

  1. Acceptance to UM-Dearborn with expressed interest in teacher certification
  2. Progress of Phase II coursework (general education, pre-educational studies, and major/minor requirements)
  3. Complete Phase III Form (must have earned 55 credits, have a 2.75 GPA, taken the English Placement Exam, and completed COMP 227 if prescribed)
  4. Complete Educational Professional Sequence (methods courses)
  5. Attend a Student Teaching Application Meeting
    1. Fall Student Teaching= last week of September the year before intended semester of student teaching
    2. Winter Student Teaching= last week of February the year before intended semester of student teaching
  6. Take and pass MTTC Subject Exam (some students may be ready to take the exam before orientation, must have 75% of coursework completed). Please note that MTTC Subject Tests must be passed within 5 years of student teaching.
    1. Elementary Education: MTTC Elementary Education (103)
    2. Secondary Education: MTTC Exam in Major required, Minor recommended
  7. Submit required application including all official test scores and clearances by deadline (students must have a GPA equal to or greater than 2.75 in their major, minor, and Educational Professional Sequence at time of application and going into their student teaching semester) NOTE: Each application is for the upcoming semester only. If you are denied permission, ineligible, or otherwise do not student teach for the upcoming semester, you must resubmit a student teaching application packet and required, up-to-date clearances, by the deadline stated below to be considered for student teaching in another semester.
    1. Fall Student Teaching Application Deadline= April 1
    2. Winter Student Teaching Application Deadline= October 1
  8. Students are notified of their placement and connected with their cooperating teacher by the CEHHS Field Placement Coordinator.
  9. Students attend Student Teaching Orientation by invitation in May or November prior to the semester of student teaching. Attendance is required in order to register for student teaching.
  10. Students start in their placements on the first day of school in the location they are placed (Fall= first day of school, Winter= first day following winter break).

Application Meeting Schedules

To be eligible for student teaching, students must attend an Application Meeting at which the requirements and eligibility for student teaching are discussed.

  • Application meetings for fall student teaching will be held the last week of September a year prior to student teaching.
  • Application meetings for winter student teaching will be held the last week of February a year prior to student teaching.

Students who may be eligible to attend a meeting will be contacted via email by the CEHHS Office of Student Success, however, if you are interested in attending for general information, walk-ins are welcome.


Date Time Location
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020 10:00am - 10:50 a.m.   FCS 190
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020   5:30pm - 6:20 p.m.   FCS 190
Thursday, Feb 27, 2020 11:00am - 11:50 a.m.   FCS 190
Thursday, Feb 27, 2020   5:30pm - 6:20 p.m.   FCS 190


Student Teaching Application Meeting Slides

In the event you missed the application meetings, please contact us at as soon as possible to schedule an appointment with the Field Placement Coordinator. You should also review the Student Teaching Application Meeting slides. 

Applying for Student Teaching

Failure to complete and submit the Student Teaching Application Packet and required documents by the required application due date could result in the delay of student teaching. Please click on the links below to access and complete required forms. Late applications will not be accepted. 

  • Fall Student Teaching= April 1 Application Deadline
  • Winter Student Teaching= October 1 Application Deadline
Required Clearances & Documentation

Student Teaching Application

The application is a fillable PDF form that needs to be completed and attached to the Student Teaching Application packet below. This form should be downloaded and saved to a computer prior to entering your information. These two pages are sent to the district for placing students for student teaching and should be thought of as a resume and cover letter. 

Criminal Background Check Consent

In order for a background check to be conducted by the Field Placement Office, students must fill out the consent form. Livescan fingerprints are no longer needed to meet University requirements, but fingerprinting may be required by the specific site where your field experience is scheduled. Your site supervisor or other site personnel will inform you of such a requirement.

Bloodborne Pathogens and Infectious Diseases Training

This training and quiz can only be completed at the Curriculum Knowledge Center (CKC) in FCS 267, 313-593-5329 (If the CKC is not open when you need to complete the training, please stop into the CEHHS Office of Student Success in FCS 262 for assistance). 

CPR & First Aid Certification 

This certification is valid for 2 years and must not expire before or during the semester of student teaching. 

Video Recording Consent Form

Student teachers will be required to record themselves in the classroom during student teaching. These recordings will be used to provide feedback and help student teachers develop as educators. 

Professional Dispositions

The College of Education, Health, and Human Services at the University of Michigan-Dearborn aims to develop educators who demonstrate professional behavior and ethical standards in their coursework and professional activities. Professional dispositions are required by external accreditation agencies which include the Michigan Department of Education and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (previously Teacher Education Accreditation Council).

Michigan Test for Teacher Certification Exams

  • Students in Elementary Education programs must pass the MTTC Elementary Education exam prior to the student teaching application deadline for the semester in which they are applying to student teach (April 1 for Fall, October 1 for Winter).
  • Students in Secondary Education programs must pass the MTTC subject area exam for each area in which they are to be certified prior to the student teaching application deadline for the semester in which they are applying to student teach (April 1 for Fall, October 1 for Winter).
  • MTTC Subject exams have a five year expiration meaning that, in order to be eligible for student teaching, students much have current (less than 5 years old) passing MTTC scores.
Student Teaching Application Packet

Student Teaching Application Packet

The student teaching application packet is submitted through an electronic system called SignNow. Students must have completed ALL of the above required clearances prior to application submission. We recommend you open the document, gather the required information and attachments, and then complete the application all at once as there is NOT an option to save, only to submit. Please review your application prior to submitting. If errors are made, we are not able to send it back to you and a new application must be submitted. Please review this sample application designed to help you through this process. The packet includes the following documents:

  • Student Teacher Correspondence Sheet: The information you submit on this form is what the Field Placement Office will consider when selecting your placement. Any requests can be entered here but are not guaranteed.
  • Statement of Understanding: Please read this page thoroughly, sign, and date. You will be expected to know and understand the information provided. If you have any questions about what you read in this document, please contact the CEHHS Office of Student Success.
  • Moral Turpitude Statement: This document asks students to disclose information about any legal or criminal background. It is extremely important that the questions be answered honestly. Failing to disclose accurately for these questions could result in removal from student teaching.
  • Required Clearances: Students will be required to attach all the required clearances. Students may have also uploaded these documents in MBox, but they must be attached in the student teaching application packet as well.
  • Pre-Student Teaching Advising Audit: This document is to be completed by an advisor. Once the student sections are completed and the document is submitted, it will automatically get routed for review by your advisor.

Utilizing U-M Box to Submit Required Documentation for CEHHS Programs

U-M Box is an electronic document sharing and filing tool provided by the University of Michigan-Dearborn to all students, faculty, and staff.  The College of Education, Health, and Human Services (CEHHS) is utilizing this tool to streamline the process of collecting required clearances for field experiences. Please watch the video below for instructions on how to utilize U-M Box. If you have not received an invitation to your personal U-M Box from CEHHS, please contact the Office of Student Success at or 313-593-5090.

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