2+2 and Visiting Program Costs

Most 2+2 and Visiting Program students enroll in 12-15 credits (4-5 courses) at UM-Dearborn each fall semester (September-December) and winter semester (January-April).

The costs below reflect 2021-2022 rates. Students should expect moderate increases each academic year.

Cost per semester for 15 credits (5 courses)
  • Regular non-resident undergraduate tuition (assuming 300-400 level courses):  $16,274
  • Subtract program scholarship, if eligible:  (~$5693)
  • Registration fee:  $200 

Total cost per semester for 15 credits:  ~$10,581

Cost per semester for 12 credits (4 courses)
  • Regular non-resident undergraduate tuition (assuming 300-400 level courses):  $15,824
  • Subtract program scholarship:  (~$5693)
  • Registration fee:  $200

Total cost per semester for 12 credits:  ~$10,131

Estimated additional expenses for the entire year
  • ~$1300 books
  • ~$2100 health insurance (12 months in University of Michigan health plan)
  • ~$8300 room and board (if living in a shared apartment in the Union at Dearborn; additional options available)
  • ~$3200 transportation, personal and miscellaneous expenses

Scholarship eligibility

International students are subject to the non-resident rate of tuition, that is, the rate charged to students who are from outside the state of Michigan.  For each 2+2 student who completes a minimum of 12 credit hours with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 during his or her first semester at UM-Dearborn, the College will offer a scholarship equivalent to 80% of the difference between the resident and non-resident rates for all subsequent semesters of enrollment in the 2+2 and Master's program.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

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