Doctoral Students

Applying to Graduate

Degrees are conferred three times a year. In addition to conferral that takes place during the commencement ceremony at the end of the Winter term, degrees completed during the Summer term are conferred at the August meeting of the University Regents and are distributed by mail. All candidates who complete the degree requirements may choose to participate in a commencement ceremony at a later date.

The Office of the Registrar publishes annual deadlines by which a candidate must defend a dissertation and complete all degree requirements. The deadline in order to have the degree conferred in the same term is approximately six weeks before the end of the term.

The Office of the Registrar also publishes annual deadlines for candidates who defend after this date but before the last day of the term, and who complete all degree requirements, including final revisions. These candidates will have their degree conferred in the term in which they complete all requirements and submit final revisions, but will not be required to register for an additional term. The Final Dissertation and Degree Requirement Deadline Dates are below.

Final Dissertation and Degree Requirement Deadline Dates

The date by which a candidate must complete and submit all degree requirements, including format revisions, is a firm date. Extensions are not permitted. A candidate who does not meet the final deadline cannot be listed among the degree recipients for that particular term, nor participate in commencement.

For more information on applying to graduate, please view these instructions.

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