Doctorate Tuition and Fee Schedule

Fall 2023 - Summer 2024

Approved: June 15, 2023

Doctorate Assessments per term:                         Cost:                           
Registration Assessment$200.00
Per Credit Hour Assessment 1-8$909.00
Per Credit Hour Assessment 9+$506.00


Additional Assessments

Upper Division Course Premium Tuition Assessments:

  • 500 level and above courses in CECS are assessed an additional $200.00 per credit hour


*The Registration Assessment reflects costs related to administering certain student focused services not included in student tuition or course, lab, or program fees. Examples include counseling and career services, technology improvements, student organization/engagement activities, and student records management.

Please note that the reduced Per Credit Hour Assessment for credits 9+ is per semester. Credits beyond 1-8 for any individual semester will be assessed at the 9+ Per Credit Hour Assessment rate. It is not cumulative.

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