Schedule Types & Instructional Methods

Schedule Types and Instructional Methods

The University offers many different types of courses that are designated on the course schedule each term. To promote consistent designations, this document defines each schedule type appearing on the schedule.
Courses also use a variety of delivery modes or instructional methods that are designated on the course schedule. To promote consistent designations, this document defines each course delivery mode or instructional method.

Course Schedule Types and Definitions

(The schedule type is determined by the dominant instructional format or method employed in a course.)

This section defines each course schedule type, assigns a three-letter symbol to it and specifies the amount of student work required for one credit hour, including required contact hours, which are indicated according to an instructional method.

Course Instructional Methods and Descriptions

All classes will be designated with one of the following five (5) instructional modes: In-Person, Hybrid, Hybrid-Mostly Online, Online-Dual, and Online-Asynchronous. Only Hybrid-Mostly Online, Online-Dual, and Online-Asynchronous meet the HLC definition of Distance Learning. Each term, faculty should check that their courses have the correct instructional mode.

Each instructional mode falls into one of the three (3) campus-wide definitions for delivery methods, as approved by UCDC. Those delivery methods are Online, Hybrid, and Face-to-Face (see definitions). These definitions are essential to our ability to report to HLC the number of courses we offer that qualify as Distance Learning.

Distance-delivered courses are those in which all or the vast majority (typically 75% or more of the instruction and interaction occurs via electronic communication, correspondence, or equivalent mechanisms, with the faculty and students physically separated from each other); see Commission Definitions for Distance-Delivered Courses and Programs.

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning

Synchronous learning: means that you will have specific times set for interaction, through a specific medium, at a specific time.  

Asynchronous learning: means that you will have key deadlines assigned by the instructor to which students must adhere but will not provide specific meeting times for online interaction with the class. 

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