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Withdrawing from Term

A student may discontinue all of his/her courses (for the term) by withdrawing from the term. A student need not withdraw from the term if he/she has not registered for the term. If the student withdraws from the term, he/she need not reapply for admission unless they are a guest student, a new admit who withdraws on or before the last day of drop/add period, or a student who does not return within one year.

Withdrawals may be processed via Web or Walk-in registration during the first two weeks of the term. After this date, the process is initiated at the school or college in which the student is enrolled or Enrollment Services/Registration and Records (1169 UC). Forms for the purpose of withdrawing from the term may be picked up from the school or college in which the student is enrolled, Enrollment Services/Registration and Records, or from the "Registration and Records Forms" section. The completed form must be presented to Enrollment Services/Registration and Records for processing. The effective date of the withdrawal is the date the withdrawal is received in Enrollment Services/Registration and Records. Any monies paid in excess of the amount assessed will be refunded according to the procedure listed under "Refund Policy" within the "Payment Policy" section.

Students in the College of Engineering and Computer Science must have the signature of their academic unit to withdraw.

Permission to withdraw under circumstances other than stated above will require the approval of the student's academic unit.

Please note:

  • If a student withdraws from the term via Web, he/she can only re-register for the term in person at the Registrar's Office during scheduled Walk-in Registration.

Unofficial Withdrawal

Students deciding not to attend their elected courses are NOT automatically withdrawn or dropped from these courses, and remain liable for all tuition, fees, and penalties. Students must follow the proper withdrawal procedures of the University.