CASL Executive Committee

The CASL Executive Committee shall be charged with the duties of investigating and formulating educational and instructional policies for consideration by the faculty of the College.

It shall act for the faculty in matters of budgets, promotions, and appointments. It shall make periodic reviews of all academic and administrative policies of the College and formulate either modifications of existing policies or new ones for submission to the faculty. Further, the Executive Committee shall have the right to review all decisions of the Administrative Council in order to insure their conformity with College policy. All educational and instructional policy decisions of the Executive Committee are subject to review by the faculty. In the event that questions arise between the Executive Committee and the Administrative Council which cannot be resolved between the two bodies, the governing faculty shall have the power of deciding the matter. Each College Executive Committee member shall be an ex officio member of his or her Department Executive Committee. The CASL Executive Committee shall make periodic written reports to the College to keep it well informed.

Membership: The CASL Executive Committee shall consist of the Dean and eight faculty members of senate rank to be appointed by the Regents on the recommendation of the Chancellor and the President, who shall in turn be directed by the results of a faculty election system described below. The Dean shall chair the committee.

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