Committee Membership

CASL Executive Committee: 2024-25



Term End

Behavioral Sciences Pam Aronson August 31, 2025
Social Sciences Dale Thomson August 31, 2024
Language, Culture, & the Arts Nicholas Iannarino August 31, 2026
Mathematics & Statistics Kelly Jabbusch August 31, 2025
Natural Sciences John Abramyan August 31, 2024
College-Wide Programs Marilee Ann Benore August 31, 2024
At Large Wessam Elmeligi August 31, 2025
Faculty Senate - ex officio Christos Constantinides August 31, 2026




First Alternate

Second Alternate

Behavioral Sciences Pam Aronson  
Language, Culture, and Communication Rashmi Luthra  
Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts Susan Erickson  
Mathematics & Statistics Alan Wiggins  
Natural Sciences Dan Lawson  
Social Sciences Cam Amin Hans Czap
At-Large Vaman Naik  
College-Wide Programs Marilee Benore Anna Muller
Faculty Senate - ex officio  

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