Willkommen! German is the global language most often recommended or required for a variety of majors at many American and Canadian colleges.

These majors include, for example, history, music, international studies, art history, anthropology, philosophy, economics, political science and sociology. 

German is a key business language in the European Union and in the rapidly growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Twenty million people in the world are currently learning German as a foreign language.  Germany is Michigan's largest trade partner in Europe.

Program Faculty

The German faculty members are committed to an interactive, learner-centered approach to learning and we have designed the curriculum of German Language Program to advance students’ functional language abilities and knowledge of cultures in the German-speaking world. German courses, from the first-year through the third-year, are committed to developing students’ communicative language skills and cultural awareness through a variety of written, aural, visual, and tactile texts, including literature, art, architecture, music, news, film, video, and internet.

Liana McMillan

LEO Lecturer IV, German; Language Lab Director

Study Abroad and Internships

Students are encouraged to strengthen their knowledge of German language and culture by participating in any approved study abroad program in Germany or Austria. They are also encouraged to complement their coursework by completing an internship in an appropriate government or business placement.

In addition, students are encouraged to take advantage of co-curricular area events at UM-Dearborn as well as area events focusing on culture in the German-speaking world.