Where should hardcopy materials be submitted to?

University of Michigan-Dearborn
4901 Evergreen Road, 1055 AB
Dearborn, MI 48128-2406

How much is the application fee?

The non-refundable application fee for all graduate applicants is $60 for domestic applicants and international applicants. It is payable in U.S. funds and must be paid by check or money order payable to the University of Michigan-Dearborn if the applicant submits a hardcopy application. The application fee for the online application requires a VISA or Mastercard for payment.

When can I begin the graduate programs?

With the exception of the MS in Psychology program, students may begin the programs in fall, winter, or summer. The MS in Psychology students may begin in fall only.

Check the current academic calendar for dates.

What are the deadlines to apply?

With the exception of the MS in Psychology program, application deadlines are August 1 for fall, December 1 for winter, and April 1 for summer. The application deadline for the MS in Psychology program is March 15.

Complete application deadline information.

Do I have to submit all application materials at once?

No. Supporting materials such as GRE scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation can be sent at any time before or after submitting your application with application fee. However, an admission decision will not be made until all materials are received. How to Apply.

Remember, though, to submit all materials by the posted deadline.

Is a transcript required from every college or university I attended?

Yes, we require transcripts documenting your bachelor’s degree and any advanced degrees, as well as any additional coursework you may have taken.

More information on submitting transcripts for a graduate application can be found here.  

What is considered full time for graduate students?

8 credit hours is considered full time for graduate students.

Are there any standardized tests required to apply to the graduate programs?

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) (general test) is required to apply to the Master of Science in Psychology program. More information on the GRE can be found through their website at www.ets.org/gre With director approval, the GRE may be waived for students who already have a master’s degree.

I haven’t graduated with my bachelor’s degree yet. Do I have to wait until my degree is posted to apply to graduate school?

No. You do not have to wait until you have earned your bachelor’s degree to apply. Simply have your institution submit a transcript with the most current information to support your application. Once your degree is posted, you must have an official final transcript with your bachelor’s degree posted sent to the Office of Graduate Studies.

The final official transcript needs to be submitted by the end of the first term of enrollment or the student will not be permitted to register for future terms. A hold is placed on their account preventing future registration during their first term of enrollment. 

I have original international transcripts that I would like to keep for my own records. Is there a way to submit copies of these transcripts to the Graduate Studies Office without having to leave the originals?

Yes. Take your original documents to the Office of Graduate Studies office in 1055 AB and request that they copy the original documents, stamping them as true copies. 

I have had my transcripts evaluated by WES, ECE, or another credentials evaluation service. Should this evaluation be submitted with my official transcripts?

The Office of Graduate Studies does not accept outside evaluations. Please refer to the Dearborn Transcript Review under the How to Apply page.

My transcripts are written in a language other than English. What should I do?

You must submit transcripts in both your native language and the English language to UM-Dearborn. Most international institutions provide copies of your transcripts in English as well as your native language, however in some cases you must request this service, and/or possibly pay a fee.

Can I transfer credits into the program?

With director approval, up to 6 graduate credits (B or better) from another accredited institution that have not been previously counted toward another degree may be transferred into a program after you have acquired 8 credits within that program. With director approval, students may transfer up to half the credit hours from another U-M institution.

Are admitted students allowed to defer starting their program?

Admission to a graduate program is good for one year after the initial term of application. To defer your application please contact the Office of Graduate Studies by email umd-graduatestudies@umich.edu or by phone 313-583-6321.

Are any of CASL’s graduate programs offered exclusively online?

No. However some programs offer a few online courses.

Where can I find a current online schedule of classes and a course catalog?
Where can I find information on Michigan residency?

Residency classification (in-state versus out-of-state) is determined by the University of Michigan Board of Regents for all UM-campuses, including UM-Dearborn.

Students with certain out-of-state ties will be classified as out-of-state for tuition purposes and must file a separate Application for Resident Classification to be approved to qualify for in-state tuition. The residency guidelines, separate application, and further details can be found with the Residency Classification Office on the Ann Arbor campus. 

Where can I find information on international admissions?

Information can be found on the Graduate Studies "How to Apply" page.

Where can I find information on tuition and fees?
Where can I apply for graduation?
Where can I find an academic calendar?
Where can I find forms such as: Add/Drop Address/Name Change, and Withdrawal forms?
Where can I find information on financial aid and scholarships?
Where can I find UM-Dearborn’s policies and procedures?
Where can I find the Rackham Graduate School’s policies and procedures?

Rackham Graduate School -- Policies and Procedures

Note: Students admitted through Summer 2019 to the MPA, Environmental Science or Applied and Computational Math graduate program fall under Rackham.

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