WGST Faculty

Amy Brainer

Women and Gender Studies Program Director:

Amy Brainer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Women's and Gender Studies

Director, Women's and Gender Studies Program

Director, LGBTQ Studies Certificate Program


Below you will find all associated faculty:

Georgina Hickey

Chair, Department of Social Sciences; Professor of History

Marie Waung

Associate Dean, Professor of Psychology

Nadine Anderson

Adjunct Lecturer I in Behavioral Sciences, Behavioral Sciences Librarian

Francine Banner

Professor of Sociology; Sociology Discipline Coordinator

Maya Barak

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Studies

Marilee Benore

Professor of Biology and Biochemistry; Chair, Behavioral and Biological Sciences Program

Suzanne Bergeron

Helen M. Graves Collegiate Professor of Women's Studies and Social Sciences

Erik Bond

Associate Professor of English Literature

Amy Brainer

Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies. Director, Women's and Gender Studies Program; Director, LGBTQ Studies Certificate Program

Sarah DeWard

LEO Lecturer II in Sociology

Vera Flaig

LEO Lecturer II in Music History

Ivy Forsythe-Brown

Associate Professor of Sociology; Director, Center for Ethnic and Religious Studies; Director, African and African American Studies program

Shelly Jarenski

Associate Professor of English Literature

Nancy Kursman

LEO Lecturer IV in Political Science; Director, Politics, Policy and Law Internship; Director, Economics Internship; Director, Urban & Regional Studies Internship

Terri Laws

Associate Professor of African and African American Studies

Rashmi Luthra

Professor of Public Communication and Culture Studies

Lisa Martin

Interim Chair, Department of Health and Human Services; Professor, Health Policy Studies; Professor of College-Wide Programs; Director, Women's and Gender Studies

Anna Muller

Associate Professor of History; The Frank and Mary Padzieski Endowed Professor in Polish/Polish American/Eastern European Studies; Director, Women in Learning & Leadership

Nehal Patel

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology

Bruce Pietrykowski

Professor of Economics

Deborah Smith Pollard

Professor of English Literature and Humanities

Carmel Price

Associate Professor of Sociology

Jennifer Proctor

Associate Professor of Journalism and Screen Studies

Harmony Reppond

Associate Professor of Psychology

Rick Robinson

LEO Lecturer II in Anthropology

Liz Rohan

Professor of Composition and Rhetoric

Patricia Smith

Professor of Economics

Carla Vecchiola

Lecturer IV in History; Director, Hub for Teaching & Learning Resources

Rose Wellman

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Margaret Willard-Traub

Associate Professor of Composition and Rhetoric; Affiliate faculty in Women's and Gender Studies