Strategic Plan

Given the environmental pressures faced by universities across the country, but most especially by regional universities such as ours (a challenging demographic shift; decreased state funding; pressure to keep college affordable; questions about the relevance of a college degree, especially one in the liberal arts and humanities; and increased external scrutiny and calls for accountability, among other things) it is imperative that we as a college think carefully and creatively about both how we operate and about what we aspire to be. Beyond these external forces, however, strategic planning offers CASL an opportunity to engage in a productive and empowering re-imagination of the college and its future direction. Through the strategic planning process we have come to know ourselves better and to appreciate both what we do well and to see what we could do even better.

With this understanding in hand, CASL is positioned, through its strategic plan, to better tell our story in ways that are both meaningful to our community and understandable to those outside of the college, and to engage in creative collective planning to foster enrollment growth, and to enhance the vitality of our scholarly endeavors.

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