Math & Stats Advising

Students majoring in Mathematics, Statistics, and Actuarial Mathematics, as well as graduate students, are strongly encouraged to meet with their program advisor for help in selecting courses and discussing program options.

Mathematics Undergraduate Advisor: Alan Wiggins

Statistics Undergraduate Advisor: Keshav Pokhrel

Actuarial Mathematics Undergraduate Advisors: Mahesh Agarwal and Michael Dabkowski

Graduate Advisor: Yulia Hristova

For the most up to date information about the ACM Masters Program visit the ACM Website.

Students in the Accelerated ACM MS program (4+1 program) should consult with both the Mathematics Undergraduate Advisor and the Graduate Advisor

Current and Projected Course Offerings for Majors in Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics Education Program

Future elementary or secondary teachers majoring or minoring in mathematics are encouraged to see Dr. Krebs to help with course selection and sequence. Practicing teachers interested in a Masters degree in Education (M.A. Ed.) specializing in mathematics should check the following sites:

For elementary or secondary teachers already endorsed in mathematics: Mathematics Education Enhancement and Leadership

For elementary teachers seeking endorsement to teach mathematics through grade 8: Mathematics Endorsement 

Dr. Cengiz-Phillips is pleased to meet and advise students interested in the MA in education with a specialty in mathematics.

Undergraduate Advisor: Dr. Angela Krebs

Graduate Advisor: Dr. Cengiz-Phillips

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