The Mathematics Education Team supports K-12 mathematics learning of preservice teachers who are interested in earning elementary or secondary teaching certification. 

For future teachers we offer courses in mathematics content and methods.  For inservice teachers we offer courses at the masters and doctoral levels as well as professional development programs.

The Mathematics content courses are designed to support teachers in understanding deeply the mathematics they need for teaching. An inquiry format is used with course activities that

• center on challenging problems around significant mathematics

• are solved by students independently or collaboratively

• use language, representations, logic, symbols, and previously established meanings and concepts

• are shared publicly

• are mined for their mathematical concepts, processes, and relationships.

Many of the course materials are adaptations of school- based curricula, problems developed for research, and tasks inspired by the thinking of former students.

In Mathematics methods courses future teachers focus on the mathematics in a task, the student thinking that might arise including misconceptions, responses to support student reasoning, and assessment to gauge student learning.

Future elementary and secondary teachers majoring or minoring in mathematics are encouraged to see Dr. Krebs to help with course selection and sequence.

Practicing teachers interested in a Masters degree in Education (M.A. Ed.) specializing in mathematics should check the following sites:

For elementary or secondary teachers already endorsed in mathematics: Mathematics Education Enhancement and Leadership

For elementary teachers seeking endorsement to teach mathematics through grade 8: Mathematics Endorsement 

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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