Labs, prep rooms, and other facilities and equipment are available to UM-Dearborn students.

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Dispensary Information

Dispensary staff are available to:

  1. Make up necessary solutions
  2. Locate apparatus, glassware, and chemicals

(Attendant cannot leave the dispensary for any length of time.)

Schedule: Monday through Friday, hours are posted.

NSB Dispensary (Room 2036)

Manager: Corey Lambert
Phone: 313-593-4689
Room: 2038 NSB


SLRC Dispensary (Room 2024)
NSB Dispensary (Room 1043)

Manager: Tasha Smith
Phone: 593-5306
Room: 1028 NSB

For information regarding:

Department of Natural Sciences

114 - Science Faculty Center
4901 Evergreen Road
Dearborn, MI 48128
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Phone: 313-593-5277
Fax: 313-593-4937