Student testimonials

Both "Inside" and "Outside" students share their thoughts.

What will you tell others about Inside-Out?

  • I would tell a friend that Inside-Out is an absolutely incredible life changing experience.   –Angelina
  • That it is a great experience and has become my favorite class….It is eye opening and totally changed my outlook on prison systems today.  –Skylar
  • I would tell them that it was a class that I will more than likely remember the most from my college experience.  –Robert
  • Inside-Out will allow you to free your mind, have fun, and discuss thoughts and feelings you never thought you had. –Cisco
  • It’s a great way to exercise social skills and positive interaction with people….whose thought patterns have not been molded to the prison system.  –Zach
  • [I]t’s a class that every college student needs to take.  –Nick
  • It made me realize that it is possible to get along with those who didn’t choose the same path as you.  –Robert
  • I always knew education was the key to success.  I just never believed in myself enough to think it was an avenue I was capable of taking.  –Kenny
  • Inside Out has shown me more holistically, that all people are just that – people. No one person is greater or less than another. –Myka


What has Inside-Out meant to you?

  • It has meant feeling human again after 44 years of prison. –Keith
  • It has meant that no matter who you are or where you come from you can come together and find ways to better an individual and a system. –Shannon
  • I learned a lot about mass incarceration and how broken the system really is. I never knew about these issues, and I have over 15 years in prison right now.  –Rich
  • I am grateful to be able to hear first hand information from the inside students.  –Synia
  • It taught me to never judge a person by his past because everyone has the future coming their way.  –Amjed
  • The class was very touching and insightful.  I opened up in this class more than in any other class. –Rana
  • My formal education stopped at 7th grade. To experience a real college classroom situation and do real college level work makes me feel like I can do anything.  –Kibwé
  • Coming at a time in my life that uplifting was necessary, Inside-Out taught me the meaning of compassion and understanding. –Cisco
  • Getting to know everyone and talk about the current issues that hurt us all…and seeing the passion to try to find a solution…gave me great hope.   –Tyrone