Behavioral Sciences

Behavioral Sciences is an interdisciplinary program encompassing the disciplines of anthropology, psychology, and sociology.

These disciplinary perspectives offer different but complementary views of people. In order to understand, predict, or influence human behavior, we need some comprehension of how humans develop, the problems they confront, the organization or structure in which they function, and how and why these go awry.

For additional information on the degree program in Behavioral Sciences, contact:

Ivy Forsythe-Brown, Ph.D.
4028A CB
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More about Behavioral Sciences

The faculty for the interdisciplinary degree program in Behavioral Sciences is composed of all the faculty members in the Department of Behavioral Sciences, which includes professors from the fields of AnthropologyPsychology, and Sociology.

The major in Behavioral Sciences encourages specific vocational tracks shaped to the student’s career goals. Faculty members in Behavioral Sciences are available to advise the student on careers and appropriate course selection.

Behavioral Science is the study of human behavior and their interaction with people around them.

Internships and Research Opportunities

An internship is required for students majoring in Behavioral Sciences; the major enables students to tailor their coursework to particular vocations and career goals, and internships in Psychology and Criminology and Criminal Justice are available. 

Student Clubs & Organizations

Anthropology students may also be interested in other clubs and organizations in Behavioral Sciences, throughout CASL, and across campus.

Department of Behavioral Sciences

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