Winter 2021

Recent faculty awards, presentations and publications.

URS Prof. Joshua Akers' study on "Toxic structures: Speculation and lead exposure in Detroit’s single-family rental market," has been published in ScienceDirect. WXYZ news included coverage of Akers' work in their investigative piece, City of Detroit files suits, declaring Michael Kelly's properties a 'public nuisance'.

Economist and Women & Gender Studies Prof. Suzanne Bergeron is interviewed in this Reporter article, "Glass Ceilings and Plastic Barriers: Will Covid's Impact Pave a Path to Pay Parity?" Also check out Dr. Bergeron's newly updated 2nd edition of Liberating Economics: Feminist Perspectives on Families, Work, and Globalization.

Economics Prof. Bruce Pietrykowski gave an interview to The Reporter: "With inflation, the Fight for $15 should now be the Fight for $17."  Looking at this and what academic research says about the economic impact of paying workers more per hour, he provides insight into the federal minimum wage debate.

Urban history expert Prof. Kristin Poling explains that walls don’t hold power; people do in The Reporter: "Beyond the Wall."  And she received the 2021 University's "Distinguished Teaching Award" for her outstanding performance.

Associate Professors Lara Rusch and Dale Thomson explain Michigan’s Citizen Redistricting Commission: undoing gerrymandering is a crucial step for maximizing representation. But it’s not a magic bullet in The Reporter: "How will redistricting reshape Michigan politics?"




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