How to find an internship

Students wishing to do an internship should apply at least one month before the beginning of the term. We consult one-on-one with students about their options. No appointment is necessary, and we encourage you to stop by the office during the hours listed above. Once we identify a placement match, we will send out your resume and request that the organization contact you directly to schedule an interview. If your interview is successful, you must obtain an override registration slip from out office and register for Humanities or History 485, the Internship Seminar. Credit is awarded, not only for hours served in the field, but also for your ability to analyze and develop your internship within the academic context of the seminar. The class is designed to help you bridge the gap between Academe and the world of employment and to explore the sometimes elusive connections.

According to our office survey, mentors describe the ideal intern as one who

  • is punctual and dependable
  • displays enthusiasm
  • asks questions
  • follows directions and checks out all projects with the supervisor
  • understands that some gofer work is part of the job
  • contributes creative ideas
  • actively looks for things to do
  • follows the rules
  • socializes appropriately with staff
  • tries to understand the organization
Are you a journalism student?

Internships serve as a stepping stone for young journalists to improve their portfolio, add work experience and break into the journalism industry. That’s why Poynter maintains this list of news media internships.

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