CASL Internship Testimonials

Jack VanAssche standing on road with orange safety vest holding a sign that reads: open.
Jack Vanassche

“This opportunity led me to develop my teamwork skills with group projects and my professional skills in every way I could have asked for.  It related to my coursework and made me feel like I’m doing the right thing with my degree.”

Jack VanAssche

What do former interns say about their UM-Dearborn internship?

“I feel that this work assignment has helped me explore this field of psychology that is not often explored in the classroom, which has been my favorite part of the job.” --Psychology major, intern at Comprehensive Early Autism Services

“I think being completely immersed in the job and treated like an employee was the best thing that could have been done for me there because it forced me to work hard, overcome issues and grow my own confidence, whether that be a confidence in my work or the confidence to send push alerts and handle breaking news.” --Journalism and Screen Studies major, intern at WDIV

“The greatest significance (this experience) has had during these formative times is it gave me clarity and direction. It vanquished a lot of my preconceived notions and anxieties about working in an office environment, and helped me see that it is a welcoming place with a diversity of people.” --English major, intern at Wayne County Treasurer’s Office

“The biggest value of this experience was that I was given a chance to work in a professional environment for the first time.” --English major, intern at Garan Lucow Miller

“This experience has helped me personally learn how to improve professional relationships and make the best out of situations that might not turn out the way you expect. I liked the prestige and learning to cooperate in a professional setting the most out of this experience." --Political Science major, intern at Bodman PLC

“The work characteristics of time management and carefully analyzing my work have gone towards my classwork and aiding me in getting further in my major and classes I’m taking.” --Political Science major, intern at Williams, Williams, Rattner, & Plunkett

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