Our PhD Students

PhD students graduated from the Computer and Information Science Department have been recruited as faculty members in universities including University of Chicago, Rochester Institute of Technology, DePaul University, University of Michigan - Flint, Central Michigan University, Kuwait University, and King Faisal University as well as technology leaders in industrial companies/centers including Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Ford, GM, and Quicken Loans.

A. Amich
A. Amich

CIS PhD Student A. Amich

  • Program: Ph.D. Computer and Information Science 
  • Status: Ph.D. Student
  • Position / Appointment: Graduate Student Instructor/Research Assistant
  • Research Focus: Adversarial Machine Learning for Malware Detectors
  • Career Focus: Academia and Industry
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Research Projects

I'm currently working on adversarial machine learning for Malware detectors. In order to evade very accurate Malware detectors,  attackers can make changes on test samples using different Adversarial Sample Generation (ASG) approaches. One of the main challenges for an ASG approach is to maintain the behavior of the Malware and its executability. Some related works have contributed to this topic, however, it is still a relatively fresh field with much room for research and additional findings.

CIS PhD Student Ismat Jarin

  • Program: Ph.D. Computer and Information Science
  • Status: Ph.D. Student
  • Position / Appointment: Graduate Student Instructor/Research Assistant
  • Research Focus: Differential Privacy, Machine Learning, Data Privacy, and Security,
  • Career Focus: Industry
  • E-mail: [email protected]

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