The Cybersecurity Center for Education, Research, and Outreach (CCERO) was established to integrate university wide existing activities and initiatives in cybersecurity research, education, and outreach.

It is dedicated to facilitate collaboration in cutting-edge research among faculty members of diverse disciplines, provide high quality degree and certificate programs, advise student groups, and organize events in the area of cybersecurity and information assurance. CCERO is helping to address the national concern for producing more cybersecurity professionals and advancing the knowledge and practice of cybersecurity.

The Cybersecurity Center works closely with the college's Extended Learning and Outreach to develop programs that prepare K-12 students for a career in cybersecurity or other STEM fields. The Center also provides a variety of training programs and services that bridge the talent gap for our corporate customers to meet the rising demand for cybersecurity professionals. 

Our Research

Research of faculty members affiliated with the center has been sponsored by various industry partners and federal government funding agencies. Research results have been published in leading academic journals and conferences with world-wide distribution.

Key Research Areas

Some of our key research areas:

  • Automotive cybersecurity (OTA, CAN, V2X, etc.)
  • Data security and privacy (big data, data outsourcing, multimedia data, etc.)
  • Wireless device and pervasive computing security (RFID, smartphone,IoT, CPS, etc.)
  • Network security (VANET, sensor network, etc.)
  • Cloud computing security and privacy (virtualization, data outsourcing, service, etc.)
  • Digital forensics (computer, network, multimedia, etc.)
  • Risk assessment (Foreign policy, cyber warfare, etc.)
  • Big data analytics 
  • Applied cryptography
Affiliated Faculty




Research Interests

Anys Bacha

Assistant Professor

Computer and Information Science

Side channel attacks, authentication, privacy, applied machine learning, systems, computer architecture, energy efficiency, emerging memory technologies, I/O and accelerators

Jinhua Guo

Associate Professor

Computer and Information Science

Security and privacy in vehicular networks, computer networking, distributed systems, optimization

Jun He

Associate Professor

College of Business

Privacy, cybersecurity, technology acceptance, project management, survey research

Di Ma

Associate Professor

Computer and Information Science

Automotive security, wireless security, data security and privacy, applied cryptograph

Hafiz Malik

Associate Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Automotive cybersecurity, multimedia forensics,information security, information hiding, steganography, steganalysis, pattern recognition

Brahim Medjahed

Associate Professor

Computer and Information Science

Privacy in service/cloud computing, data integration, semantic web, service computing, linked open data, cloud computing

Adnan Shaout


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Automotive engineering, embedded systems, software engineering methods, cybersecurity, computing and networks, Fuzzy Logic and machine learning.

Shengquan Wang

Associate Professor

Computer and Information Science

Security and privacy, operating systems, real-time systems, computer networks, machine learning

Weidong Xiang


Computer and Information Science

Physical layer security, V-V communications and networks based DSRC and LTE, IoT and machine type communication

Feng Zhou

Assistant Professor

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Biometric Verification and Vehicle Cybersecurity

Recent News


Dr. Birhanu Eshete and his co-authors' paper, titled "HOLMES: Real-time APT Detection through Correlation of Suspicious Information Flows," has been accepted at the 40th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland), 2019.  [May 2019]

Dr. Birhanu Eshete and his co-authors' paper, titled "ProPatrol: Attack Investigation via Extracted High-Level Tasks," will appear in Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Information Systems Security (ICISS), 2018. [December 2018]

Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies program has offered two new courses on cybersecurity, CRJ 474 Cyber Crimes and CRJ 475 Digital Evidence.  [September 2018]

Dr. Di Ma, CIS, gave a presentation on their deep neural network based CAN intrusion detection system in the 2018 Ground Vehicle System Engineering and Technology Symposium. [Aug. 2018]    

Dr. Birhanu Eshete and his co-authors received the Distinguished Paper Award for their paper, titled "NAVEX: Precise and Scalable Exploit Generation for Dynamic Web Applications" at the 27th USENIX Security (2018), which is one of the best security conferences. [ August 2018]

Dr. Di Ma, CIS, was invited to serve on the reaction panel at the AF 2030 workshop hosted by Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan. [Jun. 2018]

Dr. Di Ma, CIS, was invited to serve on the Automobili-D panel: Balancing Safety with Convenient Features, part of the Detroit Auto Show 2018. [Jan. 2018]  



Dr. Di Ma, CIS, gave an invited talk on “Safe and secure vehicle platooning” in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminar Series of Michigan State University on November 30, 2017. [Nov. 2017]

Dr. André Weimerskirch, VP Cyber Security at Lear Corporation, gave a seminar on “V2V security and privacy” in the CIS Distinguished Seminar Series on October 5, 2017.  [Oct. 2017]

John Krzeszewski, Cybersecurity Engineering Technical Manager at Delphi Electronics & Safety, gave a talk on “connecting the phone to the car: Protecting personal information and securing the interface” in the CECS Industrial Speaker Series on September 29, 2017. [Sept. 2017]

Dr. Hafiz Malik, ECE, was awarded first prize in the poster category (authors: Omid Avatefipour, Azeem Hafeez, Muhammad Tayyab, Hafiz Malik) during the 8th Cybersecurity Conference, held at the New York Institute of Technology on September 28, 2017.

Dr. Di Ma and Dr. Brahim Medjahed, both from CIS, together with their Ford research collaborator Dr. Pramita Mitra, provided a panel talk on "Navigating security and privacy in next-generation of mobility" in Automation Alley Tech Takeover program on August 30, 2017. [Aug. 2017]

Dr. Di Ma and Dr. Jinhua Guo, both from CIS, together with Dr. Yujian Fu from Alabama A&M University, organized the 3rd online Faculty Workshop on Pervasive and Mobile Computing Security on July 24, 2017.  [Jul. 2017]

The SAFE lab receives a CAN simulator from VisualThreat, a leading connected-car security vendor based in Silicon Valley. The simulator allows students to interact with the CAN network through a smartphone app and learn CAN security through hands-on labs. The SAFE lab is led by Dr. Di Ma. [Dec. 2016]

Dr. Ma is invited to speak in the 4th Annual Automotive Cyber Security Summit to be held in San Francisco. [Oct. 2016]

Cybersecurity Center Committees

Executive Committee

Di Ma, Associate Professor/CCERO Director (CIS)

Jinhua Guo, Associate Professor (CIS)

Hafiz Malik, Associate Professor (ECE)

Brahim Medjahed, Associate Professor (CIS)

Carrie Shumaker, Chief Information Officer (UM-Dearborn)

Feng Zhou, Assistant Professor (IMSE)

Steering Committee Members

Di Ma, Associate Professor/CCERO Director (CIS)

Debi Butler, CECS Graduate Programs (CECS)

Jun He, Associate Professor (COB)

Adnan Shaout, Professor (ECE)

Aditya Viswanathan, Assistant Professor (CASL)

Shengquan Wang, Associate Professor (CIS)

Industry Advisory Board Members

Celeste Fralick, Chief Data Scientist, McAfee

John Moore, Cyber-Security Supervisor, Advanced Engineering and Research, Ford

John Krzeszewski, Chief Engineer, Cybersecurity, Autonomous, APTIV

Jonathan Petit, Senior Director of Research, Onboard Security

Andrew Wimerskirch, VP Cybersecurity for E-Systems, Lear Cooperation

Dr. Di Ma

105 CIS

Cybersecurity Center

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