Social Sciences for Business Majors

Social Sciences courses expose you to a broad array of societal phenomena and emphasize critical thinking to enable you bring together knowledge from a variety of disciplines to better understand society.  The result?  A more well-rounded person ... the type of person that top executives seek in future business leaders.

Our courses also provide you with knowledge and skills that are especially applicable to business.

  • Broaden your understanding of markets and economic thinking. 
  • Learn about the historical evolution of the economy and the economic impact of key historical events. 
  • Enhance your grasp of individual and institutional power and key institutions affecting businesses domestically and internationally.
  • Improve your comprehension of the role of spatial analysis in understanding markets and culture. 
  • Explore the effects of business decisions on communities and the ways in which businesses can help address societal inequities.

The following descriptions and videos highlight a select number of SSCI courses being offered next semester that have particular relevance to business majors.  For others, check out listings for Economics, Political Science, History, Urban and Regional Studies, and Geography in the course schedule.

History and  Economic Impact---Culture in Key Business Regions

Markets and Economic Thinking

Power and Key Institutions Affecting Business

Spatial Analysis of Markets and Culture

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