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Welcome to the Department of Social Sciences.

The Department of Social Sciences is home to the EconomicsHistory, and Political Science disciplines; interdisciplinary programs in Urban & Regional Studies and Social Studies; master’s degree in Public Administration and Policy; and the Geography unit.  Supplementing these academic areas are various internship opportunities for students through our Public Affairs and Ottawa Internship Programs.  The Social Sciences Department also hosts an ongoing Research Colloquium and a Mid-East Lecture Series.  These diverse opportunities share a focus on the forces that have been affecting human individuals and groups in an ever-changing and increasingly complex world.  This focus informs the department’s diverse courses, which are taught by some of the university’s most talented instructors, whose research examines a similar breadth of topics.  The department has produced majors who have gone on to become accomplished teachers, lawyers, doctors, CEOs, professors, workers in the local, state, and federal government, among many other fields.  Please explore our offerings and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the department's many and varied opportunities.

For more information on the Social Sciences Department, contact the Chair, Natalia Czap, or our departmental staff  Kiara Marshall Administrative Specialist, or Sue Steiner Administrative Assistant, Senior.

Department of Social Sciences

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