Current Graduate Students

Academic advising is primarily done by Program Directors with expertise in the area and with the support of our knowledgeable graduate staff.  Our collaborative advising model not only addresses accessibility and availability, but also provides a comprehensive and effective advising experience for our graduate students.

Graduate students must contact the Graduate Program Directors for assistance with questions.

Master's Degree Student Advising

A list directors by programs is provided below.

  • Applied and Computational Mathematics

    Yulia Hristova         313-593-5175

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice

    Julie Roddy           313-436-9180

  • Environmental Science

    Daniel B. Lawson      313-593-4921

  • Public Administration and Policy

    Natalia Czap       313-583-6354

  • Health Psychology and Clinical Health Psychology

    Michelle Leonard      313-593-5608

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