Since its inception in 1993, the annual Meeting of Minds Undergraduate Conference (MOM) has provided a forum for the publication and dissemination of undergraduate student research.


As a collaborative effort between the University of Michigan-FlintUniversity of Michigan-Dearborn, and Oakland University, MOM showcases the results of student-faculty collaboration in research and creative activities from across all academic disciplines. Students who present at MOM have a unique opportunity not only to share the results of their work, but they also have the opportunity to publish their work in our annual Meeting of Minds Journal.

Why would I want to participate in Meeting of Minds?
  • To learn what other students are doing in a field of interest to you.
  • To find out how to get involved in scholarly and creative endeavors.
  • To better understand how a research or a creative project is undertaken so you can improve your research experiments or papers in your undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • To learn more about a field that is new to you.
  • To gain valuable experience in making a formal presentation in a supportive academic environment.
  • To discover what kind of student research and creative activity is taking place on other campuses.
  • To extend your learning beyond the confines of the formal classroom.
How can I participate?

There are two levels of participation:

  •  Any undergraduate student at UM-Dearborn, UM-Flint, or Oakland University can submit a proposal to make either an oral presentation or a poster presentation of a research project or creative activity.  You need to identify a faculty member who is willing to work with you to supervise your project. You must complete a general registration form and presentation proposal form.
  • If you just want to attend (non-presenting student, guest, faculty member), you must complete the general registration form.
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