History students at UM-Dearborn create a History Portfolio as part of their studies.

Please access this tutorial video on creating a History Portfolio. 

The History portfolio consists of the following components:

  • An archive of at least four significant assignments/papers from upper-division (300 and above) history courses taken at UM-Dearborn
    • including your major paper from HIST 300
    • including at least one paper from a senior-level course (HIST 4XX or HIST 4XXX)
    • including your general comments on the quality of work demonstrated by these assignments
  • A "Capstone Reflection" that highlights assignments that you feel best demonstrates your mastery of EACH of the learning outcomes for History concentrators.  

Creating Your History Portfolio

1.      Open a web browser ( Google Chrome works best)

2.      Go to email.umich.edu and login using your Kerberos login and password

3.      Click on Sites from the Google applications menu (upper right, 9 small dots in a square)

4.      Choose “Back to Classic Sites” button that appear on lower left.

5.      Click on the red Create button, select in Classic Sites

6.      Click on Browse the gallery for more

7.      Search for “UMD History” and select the UMD History MPortfolio Template 

8.     Give your portfolio a Name and modify the site location so it is easy for someone to remember (ex: your uniquename or first name; this will be the address people will use to access your portfolio).

9.      Click on Create

See this site for editing tips, and scroll down to the section“Classic Sites”

10.  When you are done personalizing your portfolio, click on save.

To make changes later, follow steps 1-3 above. This time you will see your portfolio listed. Click on the name of your portfolio to begin editing.

11. Submitting your portfolio: Make sure all of your papers' Google files are accessible to viewers. When you are finished editing your portfolio, submit it by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Share button in the upper right corner
  2. Click the Change… button. (Note that, by default, anyone at University of Michigan can find and edit.)
  3. You can either:
    1. Change the Access: Anyone within University of Michigan to Can view, and choose how you want to share (making it public, or making it available to anyone with the link who has a UMich sign in). Copy your site's URL and send it in an email to history-portfolio-umd@umich.edu OR
    2. Change the Access to Off - Specific people and click Save. You'll then be prompted to invite specific people -  history-portfolio-umd@umich.edu


When you are done editing and changing the sharing permissions, submit your portfolio to history-portfolio-umd@umich.edu by the last day of exams for the term in which you wish to graduate.

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