History students at UM-Dearborn create a History Portfolio as part of their studies.

The History portfolio consists of the following components:

  • An archive of at least four significant assignments/papers from upper-division (300 and above) history courses taken at UM-Dearborn
    • including your major paper from HIST 300
    • including at least one paper from a senior-level course (HIST 4XX or HIST 4XXX)
    • including your general comments on the quality of work demonstrated by these assignments
  • A "Capstone Reflection" that highlights assignments that you feel best demonstrates your mastery of EACH of the learning outcomes for History concentrators.  

Creating Your History Portfolio

  • Open a web browser (Google Chrome works best)
  • Go to email.umich.edu and login using your Kerberos login and password
  • Click on Sites in the Apps Menu
  • Click on the red Create button Choose Classic Sites
  • Click on Browse the gallery for more
  • Search for “UMD History” and select the UMD History MPortfolio Template. Scroll down and click Select.
  • Give your portfolio a Name and modify the site location so it is easy for someone to remember (ex: your uniqname or first name; this will be the address people will use to access your portfolio)
  • Click on red Create button at top of page.
  •  You may want to change the sharing permissions. (The default setting is accessible to all at umich.) to learn how, watch video.
  • To edit the portfolio, click on the pencil icon at the upper right. To learn how to edit your portfolio, watch this video tutorial: Basic Editing of MPortfolio (watch video)
  • When you are done personalizing your portfolio, click on save. To make changes later, follow steps 1-3 above.  This time you will see your portfolio listed. Click on the name of your portfolio to begin editing.
  • Important:  prior to submitting your portfolio, make sure to share your portfolio by following the instructions in this video: Sharing Your MPortfolio (watch video)
  • When you are done editing and changing the sharing permissions, email the link to your portfolio to history-portfolio-umd@umich.edu by the end of the semester in which you are graduating with your history degree. 

Additional written and video tutorials.

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