History Portfolio

History students at UM-Dearborn create a History Portfolio as part of their studies.

The History portfolio consists of the following components:

  • An archive of at least four significant assignments/papers from upper-division (300 and above) history courses taken at UM-Dearborn
    • including your major paper from HIST 300
    • including at least one paper from a senior-level course (HIST 4XX or HIST 4XXX)
    • including your general comments on the quality of work demonstrated by these assignments
  • A "Capstone Reflection" that highlights assignments that you feel best demonstrates your mastery of EACH of the learning outcomes for History concentrators.  

ALERT: Google Sites is changing from “Classic” to “New”, and we are adjusting our portfolio template as a result. Depending on where you are in your major, here’s what you need to do during this transition: 

  • If you have already created your history portfolio site in Google “Classic” sites, please convert your existing Classic site to the New Google sites following this procedure
  • If you have already taken History 300 but have NOT yet created a portfolio site, please see these instructions for creating a portfolio in the New Google Sites here.
  • If you have not yet taken History 300, just hang tight: you will be provided with a Google site shell and guided through the creation process during that course.

Need technical assistance with your portfolio? Please contact UM-Dearborn’s Tech Tutors at [email protected] or Professor Kristin Poling at [email protected]

When you are done editing and changing the sharing permissions, submit your portfolio to [email protected] by the last day of exams for the term in which you wish to graduate.

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