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The Certificate in Professional Language and Cross-Cultural Competency is designed to complement and dovetail with any major at the University of Michigan-Dearborn!  You will be able to combine your pre-professional background with the linguistic and cultural skills in cross-cultural scenarios, and acquire the knowledge to compare contemporary professional practices in the United States with the pertinent countries.

The certificate promises to be of particular interest to students majoring in business, engineering, and health studies. However, the certificate will benefit all students who want to develop cross-cultural and linguistic competencies.

Information about the Certificate

The course sequence of the Certificate in Professional Language and Cross-Cultural Competency (in Arabic, French, or Spanish) prepares students to thrive professionally in a global economy. Students acquire and apply language skills in Arabic, French, or Spanish along with essential cultural knowledge in order to understand the dynamics of professional practices in an international arena.


11 credit hours required in one of the following languages:

Arabic, French, Spanish (ARBC, FREN, SPAN)

  • Students are required to complete a minimum of eleven (11) credit hours in order to receive the certificate.
  • Students will need to have a 3.0 GPA in the courses within the certificate program.
  • Certificate credit can be double-counted with a major, or minor, or other certificate, but cannot take any of the courses P/F.

Required Courses: Must be in a single language

  • Intermediate Language I: ARBC 201 or FREN 201 or SPAN 201
  • Intermediate Language II: ARBC 202 or FREN 202 or SPAN 202
  • Cross Cultural/Language of Business***: ARBC 305 or FREN 305 or FREN 306 or SPAN 305 

*** If foreign language placement is 202 or above, 305/306 will be required and additional courses that focus on culture and/or professional topics from the following to total minimum of 11 credits:

  • ARBC 332, 350, 351
  • FREN 336, 337, 338, 339, 375 or 388
  • SPAN 321, 356, 357, 353, 465, 358, 450, 451



Certificate Goals
  1. Perform in a variety of situations, transactions, and professional challenges in the target culture.
  2. Compare and contrast professional cultures in a variety of professional settings.
  3. Develop reading strategies in order to communicate ideas and concepts.
  4. Read and understand texts in the professional area.
  5. Communicate on a professional level face-to-face, via email, mail, and on the phone.
  6. Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills by applying key concepts learned in class through research, creative production, and practical experience.
  7. Ability to analyze and respond appropriately to professional scenarios in the target language and culture.

After completing a certificate, students will be encouraged to continue with the study of language, culture, considering how it relates to their professional goals.

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