About the Program

The automotive industry of the twenty-first century is advancing at a rapid pace with great emphasis on lightweight structures, alternative energy sources, high efficiency powertrains, intelligent control systems, lower emissions, robust design and manufacturing, as well as improved comfort and safety. To meet the challenges of the automotive industry, engineers are required to improve their technical knowledge and skills in a variety of topics that are beyond the realm of traditional engineering curricula. 

Today's automotive engineers are expected to make connections among different areas of knowledge and integrate them in ways that benefit the automotive industry, society and the environment. Automotive engineers must be well grounded in their own areas of specialty. They must also have a good understanding of the related disciplines, be skilled in synthesis, analysis and design, work effectively in a team environment, and adopt a 'systems' approach. 

In response to these needs, the College of Engineering and Computer Science offers a 30-credit-hour interdisciplinary graduate degree program leading to a master's degree in Automotive Systems Engineering. Many courses in this program are specifically designed to address the new and emerging technology in the automotive industry. Students in this program will not only learn about advanced technologies, but also how to apply them in practice for creative design and problem solving. 

The program provides:

  • Depth in the area of automotive engineering
  • Breadth across engineering disciplines of electrical, industrial, mechanical, manufacturing and materials engineering
  • An opportunity to gain industrially relevant engineering design or research experience through a capstone project or a master's thesis

About our classes:

Almost all classes are held Monday-Thursday, 6-9 PM. Classes are available in Fall (Sept-Dec), Winter (Jan-Apr), Summer I (May-June) and Summer II (July-Aug) terms. The Fall and Winter courses are held once a week and the Summer I and Summer II courses are held twice a week. 

Online program option:

The Automotive Systems Engineering program is also offered online through the Distance Learning Network (DLN). The online courses utilize video streaming of the lectures given on campus. The online students have the opportunity to interact with the instructors and with fellow students (both on campus as well as online) through CANVAS. The class lectures, notes and discussions are posted on CANVAS for online students' access. 

Program Goals:

  1. Ability to apply engineering knowledge and skills to engineering problems
  2. Ability to design, analyze, and model automotive, manufacturing, and energy system or process
  3. Ability to communicate effectively in professional reporting and presentations

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will be able to apply knowledge and skills to engineering problems
  2. Students will be able to design, analyze, and model automotive systems or process
  3. Students will be able to communicate effectively in professional reporting and presentations.

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MSE in Automotive Systems Engineering
Most of the tier one supplier companies are around here and the vast majority of our students come from these companies. We have experts in vehicle dynamics, powertrains, and ergonomics.
Professor PK Mallick