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All student applicants must meet the criteria for admission to UM-Dearborn. Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission and Orientation for information on the admission process.

How do I Apply?

Our team of CECS advisors is happy to answer any questions you have about our undergraduate programs or the process of transferring courses from another college. When you are ready to apply, please visit the Admissions office to submit your application:


Starting in Fall 2019, undergraduate students interested in Engineering or Computer and Information Science majors can be admitted into the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) in one of two ways, based on a student's overall academic and mathematics preparation: Direct admission into a CECS major, or admission into the Pre-Engineering Program

Preparing to Transfer to UM-Dearborn

The College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) wants to help you make the most of your transfer into UM-Dearborn.  The following information is important in preparing to apply as a transfer student.

Transfer Admission Requirements

A 2.75 overall recalculated GPA, and a recalculated 2.75 GPA in mathematics, science and engineering/CIS courses are required for transfer admission to the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Transfer Credit

In general, students can transfer up to 62 credits from a community college, 75 credits from a four-year college, and 90 credits from UM-Ann Arbor or UM-Flint.  Please see our transfer guides or contact an advisor for more information on transferrable courses from your college.

Recommended Courses

To establish a strong foundation, and to be well-prepared for study in engineering or computer science, it is recommended that students complete at minimum Calculus I, Calculus-based Chemistry and/or Physics, and an introductory engineering or CIS course before transferring to UM-Dearborn.



First time transfer students are automatically considered for select Transfer Scholarships through UM-Dearborn and the College of Engineering and Computer Science.  No additional application is required for consideration. 

Placement Exams

After admission, all new transfer students are required to complete the Composition Placement Exam (regardless of previous composition courses completed) and the Mathematics Placement Exam (if Calculus 1 has not been completed at a previous school). 

Advising and Academic Success

Engineering Lab Building (ELB)
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