Admitted CECS Graduate Students

The information below provides the next steps as you prepare to begin your studies in the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS). 

Upcoming Orientation Sessions and who needs to attend:
  • CECS New Graduate Students Orientation
    • recommended for all CECS Master's
    • mandatory for all Ph.D. and D.Eng. students
  • CECS New Ph.D. Students Program Orientation
    • mandatory for all CECS Ph.D.
  • New CECS Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Teaching Orientation 
    • Mandatory for all new CECS Ph.D. Students and master's students with a GSI appointment


CECS Upcoming Orientation Information

Doctoral Students:

Before registering, please contact your faculty advisor.  You and your faculty advisor should review your transcript against the program curriculum to determine what courses you need to complete. The curriculum and the Plan of Study are both on the program website. Below are the links for each program.

It is recommended that each of you work on the Plan of Study with your faculty advisor to chart the specific courses you need to complete for your program. The Program Director and the department's Graduate Program Coordinator can also assist if you have questions. For registration questions, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinators.

Ph.D. Programs        
CIS Program ECE Program IMSE  Program ME  Program  
Website Website Website Website  
Doctor of Engineering   
D.Eng  ASM Program D.Eng ECE Program
Website  Website 

International students: If you register for Fall and are unable to attend due to VISA issues, please withdraw from your courses. If you have any issues, please contact your department staff for assistance.

Information on advising and registration

If you have specific registration questions or questions about your specific degree program, please contact your department graduate staff directly.

CECS Graduate Education Office

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4901 Evergreen Road
Dearborn, MI 48128
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Phone: 313-593-0897
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