Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship Program

The Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship supports outstanding doctoral students who have achieved candidacy and are actively working on dissertation research and writing. We seek to support students working on dissertations that are unusually creative, ambitious, and impactful.

Approximately 240 Rackham doctoral students are nominated each year by Ann Arbor programs.  For the 2023 cycle, we are pleased to announce that Rackham extended nomination for this prestigious fellowship to Rackham doctoral students at UM-Dearborn.

Award Description

Two (2) Rackham Predoctoral Fellowships will be available for 2023-2024 to Rackham doctoral students in CECS. The fellowship provides three terms of support that may begin with spring/summer or fall term 2023. Rackham Predoctoral Fellows are expected to work full-time toward the completion of degree requirements throughout the period of the award. Fellowships include a stipend of $36,084 (currently), candidacy tuition, and required fees for twelve months. GradCare health and dental insurance will be provided during the fellowship period. Students may receive only one award.

Submit Your Nomination

Students may not apply directly to this fellowship. Each CECS Rackham PhD program may email the complete nomination packets of two (2) outstanding eligible students to Rackham-Predoc-Dearborn@umich.edu.


If you have any questions, please email Rackham-Predoc-Dearborn@umich.edu.


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