Getting Started with Student Research Opportunities

We connect each student with a faculty research mentor who can answer questions about conducting research, graduate programs, and career options for students interested in conducting innovative and scholarly research. The CECS Graduate Programs Coordinator is also available to provide additional information on research requirements and opportunities in graduate school, the requirements for attending graduate school, and questions on master's and Ph.D. programs.

Direct Contact

Undergraduate and graduate students may reach out to faculty members directly to explore opportunities to develop research projects for the capstone design project, the thesis option or students wanting to take a directed study course.

Submit a Research Interest Form

The Research Interest Form is designed to provide the CECS Faculty Research Committee with information about you, your goals, and research interest. Completing the form below allows us to provide you with the name of a faculty mentor who has similar areas of interest and match you with paid and or unpaid research opportunities as they become available in your area(s) of interest.

Once matched, we expect students to:

  • Commit to the duties after accepting a research role on a project
  • Commit to an agreed upon minimum hours each week
  • Communicate with the faculty research mentor
  • Attend CECS research and guest speaker seminars when possible
  • Attend the Engineering Your Future: Grad School Symposium and Open Lab Day events

Research Interest Form

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