Transfer to CECS

New Transfer Students

Whether you are a new transfer student in CECS, or a prospective student planning your transfer, the following resources are intended to make your transfer process into CECS as smooth as possible.

  • Admissions Process: The Office of Admissions transfer page provides valuable resources on the application process, campus visit opportunities, and how to reach an admissions counselor. This is a great place to begin your transfer process. 
  • Transfer Credit: Utilize our online Transfer Hubs which provide a complete guide of transferrable courses from our community college partners in the state of Michigan. If you are transferring from out-of-state or another University, our Course Transfer System (CTS) is a convenient way to look up courses that have been evaluated as transferrable.
  • Curriculum Requirements: The curriculum requirements of each CECS major can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. We also provide Sample Pathway Plans for each major to help in planning of future semesters coursework. Each student's plan will look different, but these are useful tools in planning your individual education pathway.
  • Admitted Transfer Students: Upon admission, you will receive information from the Office of Admissions on your Next Steps in enrolling, including applying for financial aid, reviewing your transfer credit, and signing up for new student orientation. As part of orientation, you will meet one-on-one with a CECS academic advisor to review your transfer credit, plan out your first semester coursework (and beyond), and register for courses.

We look forward to assisting as you continue your academic career at UM-Dearborn! Please contact the Office of Admissions to begin your journey. 

Cross-Campus Transfer

Students from other academic units at UM-Dearborn can apply as cross-campus transfers to CECS. The admissions requirements are:

  • A 2.75 cumulative GPA from UM-Dearborn and transferred coursework (if any) 

  • Completion of Calculus II (Math 116) with a grade of 'C' or higher

  • A declared major within CECS (we discourage current students from transferring until they have decided which CECS major they wish to pursue) 

UM-Dearborn students from other academic colleges are welcome to schedule an appointment with a CECS advisor to learn more about our programs. To apply to CECS, current UM-Dearborn students need to submit a Change of Degree form to their current college.

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