CASL Internship Center

The CASL Internship Center is happy to help ALL CASL students interested in an internship!

What is an internship? 

An internship is a form of experiential learning where you integrate your classroom knowledge into real-world experiences and prepare for future work opportunities. Pair your on-the-job experience with reflection and career development best practices!

During your internship, you will have the opportunity to develop many skills: Critical thinking, Problem Solving, Communication, Digital Technology, Employable Skills, Leadership, Creativity, Initiative, Intercultural fluency, and more!

Benefits include:

  • Your resume will look great and be a part of your professional experiences for a long time!
  • You can network and build relationships in your field!
  • Learn to collaborate and work in a team environment!
  • You can learn about what you love, which builds confidence and work ethic! 
CASL Internship Center

More Good News About Internships!

  • Students with internships are more likely to get hired upon graduation!
  • Students with internships also have higher employment retention rates after two years!
  • Multiple internships lead to job opportunities or graduate school! Many employers hire directly from their pool of interns!

Available internships include nonprofits, labs, museums, production studios, government offices, law enforcement agencies, research labs, and many more!

Sample of Internship Placements

Asset Management Intern Museum Research Archivist
Behavioral Technician News Station Intern
Chemistry Intern Public Relations/Marketing Specialist
Government Intern Sports Information
Health Care Staff Tracking Sustainability Intern
Human Resources Urban Planning
Investigative Intern Video Production
Legal Clerk Youth Program Coordinator

Don’t worry if none of our established internship programs look like they are designed for your major – you can still do an internship!

How to Reach Us

Visit us in 2040 CB!  

You can schedule an appointment in your student scheduler, email us directly, or drop-in our Zoom hours! 

Virtual drop-in hours are: 
  • Mondays 1-2 and Thursdays 12-1, Zoom
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