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The Office of Graduate Studies coordinates the application process for all programs in the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS).  The individual CECS departments review all applications for program requirements and then make decisions on each applicant.  All students must have the minimum required bachelor’s or master’s degree completed at a regionally accredited college or university.  Students completing their final year of study may apply.  Currently, three of our five Ph.D. programs offer a Direct Ph.D. option, accepting students with only a bachelor’s degree.

Why Apply?

Whether you are a full-time professional, recent undergraduate, or an international student, we have flexible program options available for you.  

We offer:

  • Quality Academic Programs
  • Evening and Online Courses
  • Research Opportunities
  • Industry Networking

Graduate Funding

  • Master Programs - Non-Resident Graduate Tuition Scholarship
  • Competitive Ph.D. Students Funding – All admitted students without funding or employment receive an offer for appointment as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) or Research Assistant (GSRA) which includes: monthly stipend, insurance, tuition and fees

Transfer Policies

To recognize graduate credits earned in other accredited institutions of higher education, and in other schools and colleges of the University of Michigan (including the Flint and Ann Arbor campuses), the Rackham Graduate School has formulated a policy that provides for the transfer of graduate credit to its Master's and professional degree programs. All requests for transfer of credit are reviewed and must be approved by the department's program committee.

  • CECS Master Programs: Conditions for Transfer of Credit
    • Be enrolled in good standing in a Master's or professional degree program in the Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan, and
    • Have completed 8 or more credit hours of graduate-level, letter-graded (A-E) courses in residence in the Rack-ham Graduate School and earned a cumulative grade point average of "B" (3.0) or better, and
    • Have submitted to the department office an official transcript that posts your undergraduate degree, if your admission to the Graduate School was contingent upon doing so.
  • CECS Master Programs: Limits on the Number Transfer Credits
    • Non-U-M graduate credits. You may transfer a maximum of 6 credit hours to your master's degree program from another accredited institution.
    • U-M/non-Rackham graduate credits. You may transfer up to one-half (1/2) the minimum number of credit hours required for your master's degree from U-M/non-Rackham departments and programs (including Flint and Ann Arbor).
    • From a combination of non-U-M and U-M/non-Rackham credits. You may transfer up to one-half (1/2) the minimum number of credit hours required for your master's or professional degree from a combination of non-U-M and U-M/non-Rackham departments and programs.

    Example: For a 30 credit-hour program, you may transfer a maximum of 15 credit hours from U-M and non-U-M sources. No more than 6 of those credit hours may come from the non-U-M source.

  • CECS Ph.D. Programs Transfer Credits Policies

    The Automotive Systems Engineering and the Information Systems Engineering Ph.D. programs accept up to 9 credit hours of coursework from another university provided they have not been used for another degree program needed for admission and they are approved by the Council. The student may apply for transfer of courses only after successfully completing at least 9 credit hours of courses in the program.

    The Computer & Information Science, Electrical & Computer EngineeringIndustrial & Systems Engineering, and the Mechanical Sciences & Engineering Ph.D. programs do not accept transfer credits.  Students may use up to four credits from a previously completed master’s degree to meet the cognate requirements for the degree.  Students without a master's degree may transfer credits to the master's program only following the conditions and limits for master's programs listed above.

Application Timeline

  • Application Deadlines

    Doctoral (Ph.D.) ProgramsFebruary 15th

    The College accepts applications for the Ph.D. Programs during the Fall Term Only.


    Master (MSE & MS) Programs:

    The College accepts applications to the master programs on a rolling admission basis.  However, the Office of Graduate Studies provides advisory deadlines by term for domestic and international students.

    Recommended Dates by Term

  • CECS Admissions Prerequisites

    The Office of Graduate Studies provides a summary of basic prerequisites for all CECS graduate programs here.

  • Decision Deadline

    The Office of Graduate Studies communicates all admission decisions to the student via e-mail.  Admitted students will receive information of next steps from the individual department shortly after the initial notification. 

    Notification of admission decision:

    Doctoral (Ph.D.) Programs

    Mid-March through April

    Master (MSE & MS) Programs

    On a rolling basis

  • Offer Response Deadline

    Students receiving an offer for full funding may take until April 15th to respond. 

  • Deferrals

    Master Programs

    Students admitted to a master’s program submit a request for deferral to the Office of Graduate Studies.  The individual department may grant deferred admission for up to one year following the original term of application.  Consideration beyond the one-year time frame requires the submission of a new application, fee, and the supporting documents as required by each department.

    Doctoral Programs

    Ph.D. students may request deferred admission for up to one year following the original term of application.  Submit a request for deferral to the individual department and not the Office of Graduate Studies.  You must include the reason for deferral in your request.  Deferrals are not automatic and each department considers a limited number based on unforeseen and extenuating circumstances.

    Students requesting deferral after accepting an offer and prior to the start of the term, do so by submitting the Petition for Modification or Waiver of Regulation form to the department for consideration.  

Guest Applicant Information

For those interested in enrolling in UM-Dearborn graduate courses as a guest (non-degree seeking) student.


Students previously enrolled in a graduate program may seek readmission by completing the Application for Graduate Readmission.   Ph.D. students seeking readmission should include a personal statement addressing the following questions:

  • Why did you discontinue your study in the program?
  • Why have you decided to seek readmission to the program at this time?
  • How has your skills, interests, and motivation to complete the program changed since your last enrollment?
  • What timeline have you set for yourself to complete the program if readmitted?

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