Credit for Co-Op/Internship

The CECS Experiential Learning Program

The College of Engineering & Computer Science recognizes that experience-based learning, through cooperative education and internship programs, is an integral component to a student's college experience that provides life-changing learning opportunities. The CECS Experiential Learning Program provides opportunities for students to "engineer today" while attending class.

Experiential Learning Registration Options

Students may choose to officially register with the university for either co-op Degree credit or Additive credit both registrations are considered Full-Time student status for the term of registration. When a student completes two or more official university registered co-op (degree or additive) assignments the notation "CECS Co-Op Program Completed" is recorded on the student’s academic transcript upon graduation.  Further recognition, is received through the Cooperative Education Certificate, issued by the Office of the Dean.

In addition, a student may elect to unofficially register through Self-Reporting.  CECS is always interested to learn and hear about students degree-related experiential learning experiences and encourages students to Self-Report in lieu of officially being registered. In Self-Reporting, students through short evaluations share their work experiences which will support CECS in continuously improving students over-all educational experiences, advances employer partnerships and enhance curriculum. 

Registration Options:

  • Degree Credit for Co-op  (ENGR. 399), Full-Time Student Status
  • Additive Co-op Credit, Full-Time Student Status
  • Self-Report Internship  

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