Sewer Systems

The Dearborn campus has two (2) types of sewer systems: sanitary and storm water.

It is important to understand that all interior sinks, toilets, and drains on the Dearborn campus are connected to sanitary sewer lines. The raw sewage is treated at a licensed facility before discharge to a surface water body. The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) Hubbell-Southfield Facility ultimately receives Dearborn campus wastewater.

However, all the exterior storm drains and catch basins discharge directly into the Rouge river without any type of treatment. Accordingly, only two things are permitted in storm drains- rain water and snow melt.

If you observe anything other than rain water or snow melt entering the storm drain, immediately report it to Public Safety at 313-593-5333.

Aerial view of the Hubbell-Southfield CSO retention treatment basin, on of GLWA's most active.

Environmental Health and Safety

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