Ergonomics is the study of the work you do and how your body interacts with that work. Proper ergonomic design and practices are essential in preventing many repetitive strain injuries.


A free preventative ergonomic evaluation is available for any faculty or staff member that is interested in preventing discomfort while performing job tasks. Through the ergonomic evaluation process, our goal is to assess any work-related factors that may pose a risk of illness or injury and fit the equipment, environment and process to the worker as well as recommend low-cost/no-cost solutions.


A free medical ergonomic evaluation is available for any faculty or staff member under a physician, chiropractor, or therapist care related to the discomfort experienced during the workday. In order to schedule a medical ergonomic evaluation, you must first have the physician prescription/referral form filled out. The form then must be faxed to 734-615-1570.

Email the Ergonomics Awareness team or call 734-763-0852.

Ergonomic Essentials for the Office - Videos

We've provided a series of informational videos on the importance of ergonomics and what you can do to make your workspace more comfortable.

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