Chemical Inventory System

UM-Dearborn is transitioning to a new chemical inventory system called Environmental Health and Safety Assistant (EHSA). 

The EHSA chemical inventory system is an on-line, web-based, limited access database on a secure internet server that is used to assist departments and laboratories in maintaining their chemical inventories.

Each Principal Investigator (PI) is required to maintain a current inventory of all potentially hazardous chemicals stored, used, or produced within each laboratory that is under their responsibility. The laboratory's chemical inventory list should be updated at least annually.

The EHSA system is also used to facilitate UM-Dearborn's compliance with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS). The CFATS are the DHS' regulations governing security at high-risk chemical facilities to prevent the intentional misuse of certain Chemicals of Interest (COIs) by sabotage, theft, diversion, or direct attack.

Each PI or designee using the EHSA system can only access the inventory and data applicable to their own laboratories. However, certain EHS personnel have access to all data in order to maintain the system and to enable compliance with the CFATS and other regulatory/institutional requirements.

  • EHSA Chemical Inventory System
  • EHSA Access Request Form
  • EHSA Instructions 

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