Laboratory Injury or Illness Reporting Process

Laboratory personnel are required to report All occupational injuries, illnesses, and Near Miss/Near Hit incidents to the Principal Investigator (PI) as soon as practical.

A "Near Miss" or "Near Hit" incident is considered a precursor to actual incidents or events and must be reported whether or not an injury occurred. The Principal Investigator (PI) would be responsible for completing the Risk Management Services (a.k.a., Work Connections) Claims Submission Form. Follow the Occupational Injury Reporting Procedures as described above.

In addition, an EHS Laboratory Incident and Near Miss Report must be completed and submitted to EHS Department. The EHS Department requires that the incident shall be investigated by the Principal Investigator (PI) and a team of appropriate individuals (e.g., Laboratory Supervisor, Laboratory Safety Coordinator) to determine the cause and identify any preventative measures that can be put in place to prevent reoccurrence of the incident.

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