Construction Barrier Requirements

The following conditions, specifications, and standards apply to all construction activity on the University of Michigan - Dearborn campus. There are also special requirements that apply only to classroom facilities, residence halls, and health care facilities. The special requirements are also listed below, following the general requirements.

University of Michigan Standard General Conditions:

Article 45: Fire Protection
c. The Contractor shall, during the entire construction period and until the completion of the work, provide and maintain all material, equipment, and services necessary for an adequate fire protection system, which shall meet the approval of the owner and/or the Architect/Engineer. The system shall, at a minimum, meet the requirements set forth in the contract documents. These requirements shall be augmented and/or the installations relocated, as may be necessary to meet, at all times, the demands of adequate protection in all areas and shall not be reduced prior to the completion of the work without the written approval of the owner.

University of Michigan Master Specification:

Section 1500, Part 1.2:
1.2 Quality Assurance
A. Standards and Regulations: Comply with applicable laws and regulations and the following:
1. NFPA Code 241, "Building Construction and Demolition Operations".
2. ANSI-A10 Series standards for "Safety Requirements for Construction and Demolition".
3. NECA Electrical Design Library "Temporary Electrical Facilities".
B. Conditions of Use: Keep facilities clean and neat. Operate in a safe and efficient mater. Take necessary fire prevention measures. Do not allow hazardous, dangerous or unsanitary conditions, or public nuisances to develop or persist on the site.

NFPA 241, Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations, 2000 Edition:

8.6.2 Temporary Separation Walls. Protection shall be provided to separate an occupied portion of the structure from a portion of the structure undergoing alteration, construction, or demolition operation when such operations are considered as having a higher level of hazard than the occupied portion of the building. Walls shall have at least a 1-hour fire resistance rating. Opening protectives shall have at least a 45-minutes fire protection rating. Nonrated walls and opening protectives shall be permitted when an approved automatic sprinkler system is installed.
A8.6.2.4 Construction tarps would Not be considered an appropriate barrier or opening protectives.

Special Requirements for Classroom Facilities:

The 1997 Edition of the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code has been adopted by the State of Michigan Bureau of Fire Services in the Administrative Rules for New and Existing School, College, and University Fire Safety. The following requirements apply:


A building or part of a building which is used for instructional purposes which is occupied by 6 or more students and used by 4 or more hours per day or more than 12 hours per week, and which is owned or leased by, or under the control of, a junior college, community college, college, or university that is duly authorized to grant degrees by 1 of the following:

(i) Article VIII of the Michigan Constitution of 1963.
(ii) The Michigan Legislature.
(iii) Action by the State Board of Education.

State of Michigan Amendment to Section 1-3.11-1 of NFPA 101 (1997 Edition):

A person may occupy a building or portion of a building during construction, repair, alterations, or additions only if all means of egress and all fire protection features in the building and on-site are in place and continuously maintained for the part occupied and if the occupied portion is separated from the part under construction by a wall that has a 1-hour fire resistance rating. The temporary 1-hour rated wall that is used for separation may be constructed of combustible material. Instead of having all means of egress and fire protection features in place, the school, college, university, or designated representative may take other measures that would provide equivalent safety if approved by the office of fire safety.

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