Research Safety

EHS supports the research goals of the University by promoting research safety and assuring sound laboratory management. This is accomplished by providing professional services and oversight in the following areas.

Certification Services

EHS works in conjunction with third parties to certify chemical fume hoods and biosafety cabinets to assure they contain hazards as designed. Safety performance of these units depend on airflow rates that must fall between fairly narrow boundaries.

Safety Training

Supervisors of University research employees are required to provide specific training on the occupational risks associated with their research materials and methods. EHS provides base-line safety training. Template manuals and Standard Operating Procedures are provided that are easy for researchers to understand and to customize to meet their needs.

Research Facility Planning & Design

EHS assists facilities and renovation engineers in planning high-quality laboratory space to support successful research projects. Application of local exhaust ventilation equipment, specialty containment equipment, emergency eyewash stations, chemical storage features, and other design features are considered to reduce workplace risks.

Environmental Health and Safety

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