Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide specific physical and toxicological hazard information for a chemical and product.

All manufacturers and vendors of hazardous chemicals provide SDS for their products. At UM-Dearborn, SDS are available to all employees through the ChemWatch database.

The ChemWatch ChemGold III (CG3) SDS repository program contains over 13 million vendor SDS for chemicals and chemical mixtures in multiple languages as well as "mini-SDS" in 30 languages. The CG3 program can also be used to print safety labels, view molecular structures and obtain environmental & other regulatory information. In addition to locating a particular vendor SDS, Departmental SDS folders can be created within the CG3 program. All SDS specific for that Department can then be added to allow for easier SDS retrieval.

Environmental Health and Safety

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