Hydrofluoric Acid Use

Hydrofluoric (HF) acid is highly corrosive and poses several hazards associated with its use that must be properly controlled to avoid exposure of the user to the chemical. 

All laboratories using HF should ensure adequate facilities, ventilation, and equipment are provided for the safe use of HF, including but not limited to, access to a safety eyewash/shower, a corrosive of HF spill kit and a first aid kit that contains unexpired 2.5% calcium gluconate. Written Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) should be developed and employees using HF should be trained on the SOP as well as the properties of HF, exposure symptoms, and the procedures for responding to an exposure incident or spill.

Please contact EHS at 313-583-6679 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the proper use, storage, or disposal of Hydrofluoric Acid. 

Please contact EHS at 313-593-5333 for assistance with clean-up.

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