Welcome! This page includes everything you will need to know for registering for Summer and Fall 2021. 

1. Review Helpful Resources 

2. Plan Ahead 

  • Know the courses you wish to enroll in summer and fall 2021 semesters. Planning ahead for several semesters can prevent costly delays in graduating! 
  • Review when it is your day to register by viewing the Registration Timetable
    • Note: that your day is based on how many completed credits you have. 

3. If you meet any of the criteria listed below, you have a required advising hold and must meet with an advisor:

  • On Academic Probation. Fill out the Academic Change Contract before your appointment (if you have already submitted a contract this term, you do not need to do it again)
  • Transfer students whose winter 2021 was their first semester at UM-Dearborn
  • Students who transitioned from START and have not yet met their major Advisor in CECS

Still unsure if you have a hold? Check your student portal to view all holds on your account! 

Tips for success:
  • Try planning out the rest of your degree! Advisors will be happy to review a graduation plan if you present it to them.
  • Use the sample Pathways Plans for guidance when creating a graduation plan.
  • Everyone comes from a different educational background. Your graduation plan will look different than your friends!
  • Please note that we expect you to do your research- you are responsible for the information on the website and adhering to UM-Dearborn and CECS academic standards, policies and procedures.


If you prefer to connect with your advisor via email, that is fine! Please email your advisor with your academic plan for the summer and fall 2021. Be sure to include your name and UMID. Otherwise, please schedule an appointment with your advisor below. 

Receiving an error message when you try to register?

Please fill out the form below! If you're sure that you have the correct pre-requisites/co-requisites but you're still receiving an error message when you try to register, fill out this form to notify us. All requests must come via this form, please not email advisors directly as that will slow down the process.


Who is my advisor?


Please note: You are responsible for scheduling an appointment with your assigned advisor based on your major. If you schedule an appointment with a different advisor, it will be canceled.

Lisa Remsing Hall

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Dual Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering (students enrolled in dual program only)

Jennifer Makas


Dual Mechanical & Bioengineering

Suzanne Schwarz

Computer & Information Science

Cybersecurity & Information Assurance

Data Science 

Software Engineering

Roberto Novelli

Electrical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Robotics Engineering

Dual Electrical & Computer Engineering

Jocelyn Young-Huinder Mechanical Engineering
How do I find out the instructional modes for classes?  

To learn more about instructional modes, please click here

How many hours per week should I work while enrolled as a full-time student?

Being a full-time student is a full-time (40 hours a week) job! While you might be present in class for just 12 hours per week, the amount of time you will need to spend outside of class studying, working on group projects, and utilizing the extra support services to be successful in your program, we recommend a max of 15-20 hours of outside work.

What does it mean when a course is waitlisted?

If a class is wait listed, it means the course is full. The wait list does not guarantee you a spot in the course, but it allows you to wait in line for the course, should spots become available. Before getting on the wait list for a course, check to see if there are any other sections available. If you do get on the wait list, enrollment services will automatically roll students into the course (in the order in which they are on the list) and they will email you to let you know. We always recommend that you come up with an alternate schedule in case spots don't open up.

Please note: Students who are on the waitlist for a course will have viewer access to Canvas. This allows you to see the syllabus and assignments, but does not allow you to submit assignments or engage in the course. Viewer access to Canvas does not mean that you are registered for the course, so you should continue to review your registration during the add/drop period. If you are not added to the course from the waitlist, you will no longer have viewer access to Canvas after the add/drop period is over.

What should I do if I still have questions?

The University website is a good place to start whenever you have questions. Important academic policies, registration deadlines, academic calendar, and more can be found on the website (and it's your responsibility to look up this information). If you still have questions after doing some research on your own, you can email your assigned advisor, or the appropriate campus department. Contact information is usually listed towards the bottom of a department or office's webpage. You can find detailed info about registration, financial aid, and learning resources here.

Can I elect a pass/NRC grade for winter 2021?

Click here to learn more about pass/NRC for the winter 2021 semester.

Advising and Academic Success

Engineering Lab Building (ELB)
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