Mission and Goals

The Armenian Research Center (ARC) houses resources (including archival materials) on all things Armenian. Its primary mission is to serve students, the academic community and the public, both in the U.S. and worldwide, by facilitating research and publications on all aspects of Armenian history, society and culture.

The ARC is committed to the development of the cultural breadth of our students, faculty, and the University of Michigan-Dearborn (UM-Dearborn) community.

This mission is accomplished through various means:

ARC Library
Collections and Archives

The ARC special collection consists of books, periodical series and offprints, unpublished doctoral dissertations, microfilms and microfiche, audio-visual materials, and oral histories on Armenian and related topics. The special collection includes resources in English, Armenian, French, Russian, Turkish, and many other languages.

ARC Publications

The ARC has a long tradition of publishing quality, academic and other books. In 2020 it launched the Texts and Studies in Armenian History, Society and Culture series in partnership with Michigan State University Press.

ARC/ALMA Armenian Legion Exhibition
Academic Conferences and Exhibitions

The ARC frequently organizes academic conferences and exhibitions to advance knowledge and exchanges among Armenian Studies scholars worldwide, as well as serve the cultural needs of the local community.

Dr. Ara Sanjian and Dr. Kevork Bardakjian
Lecture Series

The ARC regularly organizes academic talks bringing in scholars to share their most recent research with students, scholars, and the local community.

Visiting Scholars
Academic Support

The ARC has a consistent record of inviting or hosting short-term visiting or longer-term resident scholars in Armenian Studies. It also assists students and academics with resources and advice on all things Armenian.

ARC hosted Armenian Diaspora Survey Presentation, March 2019
Public Outreach

The ARC provides resources and advice to journalists, media outlets, political leaders, and other interested individuals and organizations to help them gain a better understanding of events in Armenia, the Armenian-American community and other Armenian related topics.

Community Engagement
Community Engagement

The ARC is committed to building strong partnership and relationships with the local community, particularly the Armenian-Americans in the Metro Detroit area. It responds to community needs by organizing lectures and other events, as well as by providing community members with resources and advice on all things Armenian. 

Scholarships and Armenian language courses 

The ARC offers two scholarships each year to students attending the UM -Dearborn. The ARC also sponsors the teaching of two consecutive Armenian language courses which are part of the Modern and Classical Languages program offered on the UM-Dearborn Campus.

Institutional Partnerships 

The ARC has a record of partnering with major Armenian Studies chairs, programs, centers and institutes across the United States and worldwide. It also maintains close cooperative links with the Library of Congress, the National Library of Armenia, and other major Armenian libraries and special collections around the world.

Goals of the Armenian Research Center

  1. Foster and promote Armenian Studies through teaching, research, outreach programs, and publications;
  2. Serve as educational, research and information resource center for Armenian Studies with an extensive collection of books, periodical series and offprints, unpublished doctoral dissertations, microfilms and microfiche, ephemera, audio-visual materials, and oral histories on Armenian and related topics;
  3. Raise awareness on things Armenian on the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus, including encouraging students and faculty to engage in Armenian-related educational and research activities;
  4. Collaborate with other universities, research centers and institutes, foundations and similar organizations engaged in Armenian Studies and related fields for the advancement of Armenological research;
  5. Co-sponsor cultural events with organizations sharing common aims, especially in the metro Detroit area;
  6. Provide information, assistance and advice to members of the media, organizations and officials interested in Armenian issues.
  7. Provide Armenian-related information to and answer queries raised by members of the local Armenian-American community.