Scholars in Residence

Salah Abdel Aziz Mahgoub Edris with Ara Sanjian at the Armenian Research Center.
Salah Abdel Aziz Mahgoub Edris with Ara Sanjian at the Armenian Research Center.

The ARC has prided itself on its Scholars-in-Residence program, sponsoring established scholars and graduate research students from across the world to come to Dearborn and use the ARC’s resources in their research, while also presenting their research on campus and giving talks for the local community. 

Over many years, the ARC has hosted many well-known scholars in the field of Armenian studies and the cognate areas. Among many other names the ARC’s collection has been used by the following distinguished scholars from around the world: 

                Taner Akçam (Turkey, USA)
                Marc Nichanian (France, USA)
                Babken Harutyunyan (Armenia)
                Hilmar Kaiser (Germany)
                Ara Sarafian (UK)
                Tigran Sarukhanyan (Armenia)
                Nona Shahnazaryan (Armenia)

Other established scholars and graduate students have come to Dearborn from abroad or from other states in the U.S. to conduct research in the ARC premises for relatively short periods of time. We may note in this category in recent years the visits of Pamela Steiner, and Salah Abdel Aziz Mahgoub Edris. 

Arrangements for hosting scholars in residence and visiting scholars are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  For inquiries, contact the ARC director, Ara Sanjian

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