ARC Full-Time Staff

Vahe Sahakyan

Research Scholar and Senior Information Resources Specialist

Ara Sanjian

Associate Professor of History; Director of Armenian Research Center

ARC Part-Time Staff

Over the years many individuals have contributed to the activities and programming of the Armenian Research Center (ARC) as part-time employees. 

Mr. Hayk Sahakyan's contribution has been valuable in creating and maintaining the records of the ARC periodicals, in addition to regularly organizing the ARC shelves, duplicates and collections.  

Ms. Ani Kasparian has regularly taught the Armenian Language courses offered by the ARC to the University of Michigan-Dearborn students. Ms. Kasparian's energy and enthusiasm have been crucial in the organization of the ARC's conferences and exhibitions. 

Ms. Alice Nigoghosian has been providing valuable advice to the ARC's Publications project for many years. Ms. Nigoghosian's service to the ARC was recognized at the reception organized to mark the 30th anniversary of the ARC on April 2, 2016. 

In the past decades the ARC benefited tremendously from the part-time contributions of the following individuals:

Mr. Harry Kezelian
Ms. Hourig Jacobs
Ms. Dzovinar Hamakorzian
Ms. Silva Sagherian
Mr. Stefan Dallakian
Mr. Stepan Stepanian
Ms. Kristine Ter-Minasyan